Revolutionise your Protein Shake game

Fresh, smooth, lump-free protein shakes on-the-go?


Last week I managed to get my hands on the PROMiXX® 2.0 Vortex Shaker by the guys over at PROMiXX. To say I was excited to get it would be an understatement! I’ve had my eye on this little gem for a while and have heard lots of good things, so, I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself!

Did it live up to my expectations? You’ll have to read my review to find out!

What comes in the box?

  • BPA-free, Durable and Non-Toxic Plastic with 600ml Capacity Beaker
  • Sports Flip Cap that’s 100% Leak-Proof Guaranteed
  • NUTRiPOD®: Integrated Supplement Storage (60g)
  • Detachable, High Torque, Rechargeable, Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Moto
  • Specially Designed Blunt X-Blade™ to Preserve Micronutrient Integrity
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Instruction Booklet


What is the PROMiXX 2.0 Vortex Shaker?

I’ll start by telling you what it’s not because I can see why some people might be confused at a first glance.

It’s not a blender!

It doesn’t have blades that allow you to chop/blend solid foods. What it is, is a nifty motorised, re-charchable mixer that allows you to make smooth, lump-free protein shakes on-the-go. Resulting in a much more desirable consistency than that of a normal shaker.


My take on the PROMiXX 2.0 Vortex Shaker


The quality of the PROMiXX 2.0 Vortex Shaker, and its components, is really impressive. From the box it’s packaged in (nice premium look and feel), right through to the design and branding of the entire product, to the shaker itself.

The shaker itself is sleek, stylish and very robust. It’s not your average protein shaker plastic – far from it. It’s made from what I can only describe as a really thick, solid plastic. It’s a tad heavy actually. But that’s not necessarily a negative, I think it’s just the materials it’s been made from and because it’s so robust. I can’t count the amount of  normal shaker beakers I’ve broken over the years. They’re so flimsy.



The PROMiXX 2.0 Vortex Shaker retails at: £39.00 (for 20% off try “PRO20” at checkout!)

I was lucky enough to be sent the PROMiXX 2.0 Vortex Shaker, however, it’s definitely a product I’d buy myself.

You could say I’m a bit of a protein shake snob. I gave up taking my own shakes to the gym a long time ago. Instead, I bought shakes freshly made at the gym, right after my workout. They use a blender at the gym and they just taste so much better (to be honest the blender they use has only a slightly smaller motor to that in the PROMiXX 2.0 Vortex Shaker) and the consistency is so much nicer. I find them a lot more enjoyable this way and easier to consume. When I finish my workouts I already feel kinda sick. I don’t want to be shoving a lumpy protein shake down my throat.

So for me, yes, it’s 100% worth it and I’ll actually be saving myself money in the long run too because I’m not buying shakes from the gym anymore! Now I’ve got my new PROMiXX Shaker I’m back to taking my own protein with me so I can just whiz  up shakes up there and then. I also add my Creatine to too and it blends it all really nicely – no grainy bits bobbing about!

It’s 5 stars from me!

Game changing, time saving, clever little fitness gadget!

Want one too? Click here to to treat yourself!

Big thanks to the team at PROMiXX for sending me the PROMiXX 2.0 Vortex Shaker.


Staying motivated this summer!


Stay accountable

Share your intentions with someone who can hold you accountable. Book a consultation with a personal trainer at your gym. Talk to someone qualified that can give you professional advice and guidance.

Scout out a new gym

New gym, new start, right? Check out the gyms in your area and enjoy a change of scenery! Get a feel for the community and see what they have to offer.

Set yourself a goal

Start with small goals and work up to bigger ones. Make sure your goals realistic and achievable – you’ll only get frustrated and give up if they’re too ambitious. “Getting in shape” is too vague. “I’ll  go for a 30 min morning run before work on Monday, Wednesday, Friday” is the type of thing you should be aiming for.

Schedule your workouts in like you would meetings at work

Make your health a priority. Until you place high value on your health and the benefits of a physically active lifestyle, your efforts will most likely fall short.

Keep an exercise diary

Record what you do during each training session and the weights you lift/distance you’ve run. Tracking your workouts will help you work positively toward your goals, and remind you that you are making progress, even when you think you’re not.

Find a workout buddy

If you need an extra push then why not drag a friend long with you?  You’re less likely to head home for a night on the sofa if you know you’re leaving your workout partner in the lurch!

Reward yourself

After each session, I like to just take a few minutes to savor the good feelings that exercise gives me. I always feel so refreshed and empowered after my sessions. Comparing how you feel mentally, before and after exercise is an important internal reward that will hopefully help you make a long-term commitment to exercise.

Create a gym playlist

Download your favourite songs and make a bangin’ playlist! A good workout playlist can keep you motivated and working harder for longer. When it’s heavy squats I know exactly what to listen to, to get me through that those last grueling reps!

Mix up your workouts

Variety is key to keeping exercise fun and engaging. If you’re doing the same thing, day in, day out – you’re going to get bored and most likely fall off the bandwagon! Try a new class, take your cardio outside, or round up some friends for a group session? An open mind and sense of adventure can keep you motivated and looking forward to your next workout.

Spruce up your gym wardrobe

Buying new gym kit gets me so excited to workout!  Scruffy tees and your old grey tracksuit bottoms aren’t going to inspire you to get fit. The way you feel in what you’re wearing during your workout is incredibly important, so maybe it’s time to update your gym wardrobe and let yourself feel good about you at the same time.

Join a team sport

Forming a netball team was one of the best things I ever did.  I love being around like-minded people who have now become some of my best friends. Join a gym class, find out if your local sports team are recruiting – just get involved with awesome people like you that just want to get fit and have fun doing so!

Let me know how you get on!

P x









Thriva review and my Blood Test results

Ever wondered what your health looks like from the inside? 

Thanks to Thriva, getting a better understanding of our internal health has never been easier.

Thriva’s revolutionary home health kits test the important functions of our body’s main systems through the form of an at-home finger prick blood test. No doctors appointment required means time saved and a heated convo with the annoying receptionist can also be avoided – hoorah!

thriva 0

“There is no simple and convenient way to track what’s really going on inside your body which means most people are forced to wait until something goes wrong until they can react – we want to change that.” Founders of Thriva

There are three different type of kits available Essential, Baseline, Advanced and back in April I was lucky enough to be sent one of the Baseline kits for trial.

The Baseline kit tracks multiple key indicators, such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, folate, iron, liver, cholesterol and more. As soon as I got the test I was so excited to do it right there and then, but I couldn’t. There are set of important instructions to follow with the Thriva test and you do need to be very careful when carrying out the procedure.

So how does it work? Carry on reading for my full review!

“By increasing convenience, ease and insightfulness, we’re providing the products and services that will empower people to proactively manage their health. Once you know what’s going on inside your body, you can understand the impact of your lifestyle on your health and start to make small changes that add up to a healthier you.” Founders of Thriva

The kit comes in a sleek, clean design, with all of the contents you need to carry out the test (as pictured below). Instructions, an anti-bacterial wipe, the tube for your blood, three finger pricks (lancets), plasters and the prepaid packaging to return the sample back to the lab.

thriva 2.png

I had a good look through everything after work, and as mentioned above had time to do the test there and then, but I couldn’t. The test must be done in the morning, preferably after a hot shower. Why? Because it ensures your fingers are soft and the blood is flowing well.

So the following morning I woke up a little bit earlier, prepared the kit, laid the instructions out and jumped in the shower. The instructions are super easy to follow with images demonstrating exactly what to do. I recommend getting everything prepared prior to taking a shower so as soon as you jump out you can catch your hands at the right time – nice and warm!

I pricked my finger with the lancet, massaged the palm of my hand as instructed and started trying to fill the tube. I did find it a little awkward at first as not much blood was coming out. The tube is quite narrow and I was struggling to direct the drops of blood in there, however, after massaging my palm for a little longer (a minute or so later) the blood was coming a lot quicker and the tube was much easier to fill at this point. So I’d say within 4-5 mins I’d filled the lancet with the required amount of blood. My advice for this important stage would be to massage the palm thoroughly as it really does help with the blood flow and make the process much easier.

No it doesn’t hurt – it’s a tiny pin prick, honestly. I actually did the prick twice as I didn’t quite get it right the first time I don’t think. When the tube is filled, put the cap on. Do not shake it! Write on the label as instructed and stick it to the tube. Pop it into the free returns envelope and voila! You’re done.

Thriva promises the analysis will be returned within 48 hours, however, from the day I posted my sample it took no longer than 24 hours to get the results! How quick!? Was not expecting that I’ve got to say.

An overview of my Thriva results

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To get your Thriva results all you need to do is log into your account. Once logged in you’ll be presented with your personalised dashboard of data and results. You are immediately presented with a summary of your data along with an analysis from a doctor.

As you can see from the screen grabs above, Thriva breaks down each test with a description and shows your results alongside the optimum level of where it should be.  So it tells you if you have too much, too little or just enough of a health marker in your blood.

Each test analysed has a colour code of green, orange or red. All of mine are within the green marker which is great news! If you click on the “view more details” option you can see a more detailed breakdown of your results. In this option the doctor also gives specific advice and information on lifestyle changes and how you can improve your health. I’m not sure if these notes are pre-written, or not, but my friend did a test at the same time as me and her doctors notes were a lot more personal to her which interesting. Her results weren’t quite as straight-forward as mine though. All in all I was surprised with the amount of informative feedback provided by Thriva. I was really impressed.

If you’re serious about your health (you should be!) then you really ought to be keeping track of what’s going on on inside of you. My next Thriva test is due in November and now I know where my body is at, I can’t wait to see what improvements I make between now and then.

Taking the Thriva test was a fascinating experiment. Simple, accurate, convenient and motivating – there’s no reason why people shouldn’t be keeping on top of their body’s vital systems to ensure optimum health for now and the future. Look after YOU!

Convenient testing. Results you can trust. Advice based in science.

“POLLY50” gets you 50% off Thriva’s top tier subscriptions – Baseline and Advanced. So take a test for yourself and let me know what you learn!

P x

Microblading: Is it worth it?!

I finally did it! I took my poor, patchy brows and transformed them into fleek-tastic fluffy beauties! How I hear you ask? I got them Microbladed by the amazing Lilly Garmston, owner of Lilly Garmston SPMU.

EF Medi Spa in Clifton Bristol where Lilly operates from

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a type of semi-permanent tattoo, in which pigment is inserted into the skin in a series of tiny, realistic-looking hair strokes, designed to mimic the look of natural eyebrow hair.

Why did I get it done?

I’d been getting my eyebrows tinted for many years, to give them some shape and fill in the pesky little gaps! The tint only really lasted for two weeks max and once worn off I’d be filling them in with a brow kit or a pencil. Anyway, to cut a long story, short, it didn’t bode well with my active lifestyle. In and out of the gym daily meant my eyebrows would go walkies…down my face. That, paired with the fact I don’t have the time, skill nor patience to be filling my brows in every day, confirmed my decision. I needed something more permanent. So I began researching Microblading in the South West, and asking friends for recommendations. That’s when I discovered Lilly.

image1 (2)
SPMU by Lilly Garmston

The Process

The first – and arguably most important – part of the microblading process involves drawing on the shape of the brows. This was the only time I felt nerves…eek it’s happening!

Also I’ll just say at this point, this is why it’s so important to choose someone you trust to carry out the procedure. Anyone can be trained to do microblading, but it takes artistry, and an eye for facial aesthetics to be able to create great-looking brows. So I was very reassured by the amount of time and attention Lilly gave to this. Although I already felt sure she would do an amazing job – she’s looked after a few of my friends brows, and her portfolio and client testimonials on Facebook are nothing less than outstanding. She is one of, if not, the best in the South West of England (her waiting list is crazy so if you want in then you must book in advance) with people travelling from far and wide to see her.

Anyway, I digress. Once Lilly had finished drawing on the shape I sat up and had a look at in a close-up mirror. She then asked me to go to the bathroom mirror so I could see the brows from a distance. I was totally happy with what she’d done. I remember thinking “omg they look amazing already and she’s only penciled them on!”. So, I didn’t want to change anything but obviously that would be your chance to make changes to the shape if you felt necessary.

I then got back onto the bed and laid down. Ready for treatment, she got the needle prepared and talked me through next steps. I just tried to relax, shut my eyes and think about other things as I was waited for the pain….

The treatment bed!

Is it painful? So many people have asked me this already and in my opinion it wasn’t painful, just a little uncomfortable at times. It felt like little cat scratches? I felt more pain post treatment to be honest. My brows felt sore and achey.  However, I know people who thought the treatment itself was quite painful, so it’ll be down to your pain threshold at the end of the day. All I can say is, it’s 100% worth it!

Note: The bottom photo was taken immediately after treatment hence the redness

The Cost

  • 50% deposit required upon booking: £50.00
  • First procedure: £140.00 (I paid £90 on the day as I had already paid the £50.00 deposit)
  • Second procedure: £80.00
  • Yearly top ups (advised to have every 8-12 months): £80.00

About Lilly

Lilly is a fully qualified semi-permanent make-up artist with five years experience, offering semi permanent eyebrows – both hairstroke (nano needle) and ombre powder brows, and semi permanent eyeliner. Check out her work on Instagram and Facebook and contact her on any of the below!

Clinic: EF Medispa 10a Whiteladies Road, BS8 1PD
Tel: 07837 429966

When the entire procedure is complete (so after my second treatment) I’ll blog again with what happened next and of course photos of my finished brows! Hopefully this has given all you ladies umming and ahhing about the treatment an honest and insightful view of what’s to come if you go for it!

I’m so glad I did decide to get it done. I can tell already it’s going to make life a whole lot easier, not to mention I’m going to have 24/7 fleeky brows 😉

Love them so much already!

P x

Transform your food prep with EatZest


Last week I was very lucky to be sent seven freshly prepared, gourmet meals by EatZest.

As soon as I opened the box I knew these meals were in a completely different league to your average bro diet food prep company. No chicken, rice and broccoli here, kids!

EatZest offers three different types of meal plan, depending on your lifestyle and goals. They are: Burn,Balance and Bulk.

I chose to order from the Balance Menu “the perfect Balance of high-quality protein and carbs to help fuel your training” – providing a balanced split of protein and carbohydrates. Working out at over 40g of protein per meal, there were so many amazing meals to choose from! I went for the below:

  • X2 Chicken Katsu & Sticky Rice (my fave!)
  • Harrissa Chicken & Chorizo Bake with Couscous
  • BBQ Pulled Pork
  • Chargrilled Peppers & Goats Cheese
  • Jamacian Jerk Chicken
  • Handmade Sicilian Meatballs.

Packed with locally sourced clean ingredients and free range British meats, such as Pulled Pork, Beef Meatballs, Chicken, White Fish and more, the meals are handmade daily, packed with flavour, and can be delivered directly to your door! Does it get much better than that?


Developed by executive chefs with a passion for healthy food, the EatZest meals are nutritionally balanced, high in protein, and don’t rely on added salt, sugar and butter for their flavour! Instead, they are cooked in rapeseed oil to reduce the saturated fat content. Personally I didn’t find this reduced the tastiness of the meals, however I did end up adding a few shakes of salt to a few of the meals. But that’s just my personal preference – I’m bad when it comes to salt!

My favourite of the Balance meals. The Chicken Katsu & Sticky Rice

If your food prep meals are missing that touch of zest then be get online and check out these guys our! Whatever your goal, they’ll have your macros and your taste buds covered.

Don’t forget you can get 10% off by entering POLLY10 at checkout

Enjoy guys!

P x

Guess who’s going to the worlds biggest fitness trade expo?

Meeeeeeeeeeeee! How have I not blogged about this yet!?

Last Summer I was asked by my sponsors Grenade if I would be keen to represent them at FIBO! Of course I said yes…immediately! An absolutely amazing opportunity. To be honest I couldn’t quite believe they asked me.

The show is creeping up and I’m uber excited/nervous. I had an email from Juliet (Grenade CEO) last weekend confirming the airport parking booking at Standstead and I was like whaaaaat! I need to get my ass in gear. I need new trainers, new outfits and heck do I need a spray tan!

Me & the Grenade Team at BodyPower Expo UK, in May 2017

The show is in Germany at the Exhibition Centre Cologne and runs for four days from Thursday 12th April through to Sunday 15th April – so yes, it’s going to be a lot bigger and more intense than the BodyPower weekend, and that was busy! I’ll be flying out a day before on the Wednesday to meet the team and help set up before the gates open on the Thursday morning. Hopefully I’ll get an early night too but probably not….haha!

The show is BIG. It welcomes approx. 1,000 exhibitors from across the world each year and more than 150,000 visitors – all coming to see and hear about the latest innovations and all that’s important in the health and fitness industry. I’m sure there’s going to be some pretty amazing things happening so I’ll be vlogging daily over on insta stories – keep your eyes peeled on my Instagram! And of course if you’re attending, or you’re feeling a weekend away in Germany, then make sure you come and see me – stand 10.2/B80!

Can you tell I’m excited?

P x

Private launch preview of “Scandilish”

Sorry for being a bit MIA recently guys. I was poorly for two weeks with a sinus infection and migraine which sucked! Anyway, I’ve been up to a couple of exciting things recently so I wanted to hop on and update you all.

On Thursday I went to the exciting private launch preview of Scandilish“. Scandilish was set up recently by a friend of mine, offering the very best Scandinavian lifestyle brands, right here in Somerset. The showroom is located in Somerton, a cute market town here in the South West.

image1 (2)

I absolutely adore sportswear so I was in my element when I saw the gorgeous Casall collection on display as I walked through the showroom doors. I own one pair of leggings by Casall already, but they’re a few years old now so yes…it was time to update my wardrobe! The products, designs and technology have come so far in such a short space of time, I was really was blown away. The Scandinavian designs are very kind to us long limbed ladies too, so if you’re tall like me – take note – this is a brand for you!

In the above photo I’m in the midst of trying a few things on, but I’m wearing the Glorious Sports Bra and Wave 7/8 Tights. I didn’t actually come away with this set though. I went for the Dashing Sports Bra and Fuzzy Print 7/8 Tights. Both stunning sets.

The super special thing about Scandilish, is that right now in the UK there’s only one place that you can actually see and try on the Casall collection before you buy – and that’s right here in this showroom. Not to mention you get the ultimate personal shopper experience from Christina herself too. It’s a treat! Christina has been working with the Casall brand for 17 years! She absolutely knows her stuff.

I’ll be visiting again soon for sure, so if you’re local and want to come with me, drop me a message? For more information, or to visit the showroom and get a feel for all the amazing Scandinavian brands yourself, just contact Christina on any of the below.

Visit: 2 Market Place, Somerton, Somerset

P x