Sticking to your goals in 2018

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Remember at the beginning of 2017, you made New Year’s resolutions to stop smoking, lose weight, exercise more, think positively? And then do you remember how easy it was to slide back into old patterns about six days later? Yeah….me too!

Here are some of my own tips for taking control of your 2018 goals!

1. Make it non-negotiable

Don’t tell yourself it’s ok to cop out of going to the gym tonight because you can’t be bothered.  No – one day off won’t affect your progress but as soon as you start telling yourself that one day here and there is ‘ok’ things do start to go downhill. Try and maintain your your focus and stay in control.

2. Make it actionable

Be clear about what you’re going to do in order reach your goal.  If you’re like me then one of your goals might be to get more organised and prep meals for the week. So I need to start setting a couple of hours aside every Sunday evening to get it sorted. I’m going to set an alarm on my phone for 6pm – before I get too comfy on the sofa for the evening!

3. Set a deadline

Set a realistic date that you want to accomplish your goal by.  Don’t commit to ‘as soon as possible’ – there’s no point in adding unnecessary stress to yourself, but I do think a little pressure is healthy. It works for me anyway.  Deadlines are important when setting any goal as they push us on and help us to prioritize ‘life’ and everything in between.

4. Schedule it in

Keep a diary of your workouts and any any other actions you’re going to put into play. I treat mine like appointments. Writing down what you want to achieve is the first step towards making things happen! Make sure you stay accountable.

5. Do it every day

Keep at it! The more you do something and the more that ‘something’ is part of your everyday life, the less you’ll have to think about it and the more fluent it becomes. Fitness isn’t a seasonable hobby,  it’s a lifestyle!

 6. Alter your focus

Don’t focus on how far you have to go, focus on what you have achieved already. It’s important to give yourself a little praise when valid – your accomplishments are worth celebrating, however big or small.  Enjoy the progress you’ve made so far and let it empower you to achieve more.

What are your 2018 goals?

I hope this post provides you with a little food for thought for the New Year and that you go on to achieve what you set out to do, and more!

P x


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